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DIY Closet Hacks: Make Any Closet an Organizational Dream

March 15, 2020

Is your closet a nightmare? Are your scarves piled on hangers, shoes scattered all over, clothes smashed together? Do you lose your best stuff? Does it come out wrinkled? Does it all stress you out and make you late for appointments?

Not to worry. Start adding the closet hacks below and your days will become more fashionable and less frustrating.

Reduce your inventory.

You don’t wear everything you’ve got—really, you’re doing well if you wear even half of it. So, use this rule of thumb: Bag up anything you haven’t worn for a year and take it to a consignment shop or Goodwill, where your rejects will be recycled by someone else.

This trick will cut down on the number of items you’ll regularly dig through, looking for that one piece you really want to wear.

And if the idea horrifies the clothing hoarder in your soul, you can just toss out a few things and keep the rest. Hold on to anything you love. Even Marie Kondo would be okay with that.

Switch your closet with the seasons.  

Use a trunk or under-bed bins to store offseason clothes and then switch them twice a year—in the fall and spring. This move will cut down on the number of pieces you have to organize and allow you to better see what you’re working with when you get dressed every day.

Rx: Hangers.

While hangers are obviously indispensable tools in a closet, they take up a lot of space, especially if you’re using those thick plastic ones (which are definitely the best for clothes). Get space back with these tricks:

Solve scarf and tie storage.

Scarves and ties are wonderful accessories, always adding a pop of color just where you need it. But they often are piled on top of each other or, worse, tangled in the closet. Unscramble them this way:

Add a look hook.

Put a hook on the outside of the door for planning your next day’s outfit. That way, you won’t be styling yourself on a deadline in the morning.

We’ve only scratched the surface of the closet space hacks out there. Do you have a favorite? Share it with us on Facebook and Instagram!