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Desk Hacks: Making Room to Think

March 15, 2020
Young woman with eyes closed experiencing harmony with nature

If your workspaces are overflowing with piles of paper, sticky notes, and stacks of half-used notebooks, there’s a good chance you’re not thinking as clearly or as positively as you would be if you tidied up a bit.

Check out these five desk hacks and create peaceful places to think and work:

Lose the sticky notes.

Keyboard desk notepads (or boards) are available in a variety of forms—paper, glass, whiteboard—and they fit nicely between your monitor and keyboard, negating the need for sticky notes and scraps of paper.

Get a convenient cup holder.

Ever knocked over a full cup of coffee on papers or your keyboard and then spent the better part of a morning getting it out of the nooks and crannies of your workspace? We thought so.

Reduce the risk of crying over spilled coffee (or whatever) with this nifty gadget: a colorful, clippable desk drink holder.

Keep distractions out of earshot.

Especially if you work in a busy office, you’ll become instantly more productive when you start using earphones. There are plenty of options at a variety of price points, but the goal is simply to nullify outside noise.

But what should you listen to? There are plenty of white noise options—and focus music playlists are preprogrammed to do just what their name suggests.

Grow plants—and productivity.

Plants are good for the air, your office décor, your mood, and creativity. Add whatever greenery suites you—spider plants, jade plants, cactus, or others—and watch your productivity grow with your plants.

Go up.

If decluttering a desk declutters the mind, shelves are our best friends. A well-placed set can hold important reference materials, file folders, paper clips, and clamps—and your favorite photo, too. They also come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can match the shelving to your décor. 

These ideas are just a few of the desk space hacks out there. Do you have a favorite? Share it with us on Facebook and Instagram!