Coronavirus Update: March 26, 2020

March 26, 2020
48,000 new cases of COVID-19 were reported worldwide yesterday with the total number of infected now exceeding half a million people. The United States is third highest on the list of COVID-infected countries and is poised to overtake Italy by early next week and likely China by the end of the week.  The large cities in America appear to be hardest hit so far with greater New York heading the list.  Indiana is 11th in terms of number of new cases per day, which is troubling given that we are the 17th largest state and Indianapolis is the 34th largest metro area. This is especially concerning since two-thirds of positive cases in our state are in Marion and the contiguous counties.  Hancock County has nine positive cases, and one death, and we are awaiting the results of more than 20 pending tests. We are fortunate that none of these positive cases, or the death, have been inpatients at our hospital.

Should your friends and family have questions on the virus, its impact, and the preparations Hancock Health has undertaken, please refer them to our website ( which has a growing body of resources to help.

Current projections indicate Indiana will hit the surge of COVID-19 positive patients in mid-April (perhaps late-April) so we are taking advantage of this time to continue our preparations:

As I have mentioned before, please take advantage of our Chaplains – Russ Jarvis and Katherine Murray – their calm and hopeful demeanor during this time is even more infectious than the disease!

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