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5 Ways to Wow your Mom this Mother’s Day

March 12, 2020

Mother’s Day is fast approaching (it’s May 13th this year, for those of you wondering). At a loss for what to get her? Here are 5 ideas that are sure to be a hit:

Help Her Revisit an Old Hobby

More often than not, moms give up their hobbies along the way to make time for raising a family. Now’s the time to give her me time back. Maybe she used to love yoga when she had the time—buy her a new yoga mat and a class subscription. Or if she used to be an artist in college, offer to go to a paint night with her at a local paint bar. Whatever it is, think up a way to encourage your mom to revisit an activity she used to love—that’s much better than anything you can get her at the mall.

Treat Her to a Spa Day

Moms are known for putting everyone’s needs before their own. That’s why a spa day is the perfect gift. It’s something she’d never get for herself, which is always the best kind of gift. Show her how much you appreciate her by treating her to an afternoon of pampering. Time to relax and unwind will leave her feeling refreshed, and thankful to have such a thoughtful kid.

Plan Some Quality Time Together

Chances are the older you are, the more cherished this particular gift will be. As their children become adults with their own separate lives, quality time becomes more and more valuable to moms. The planning aspect is key here too. Even if you already spend time with your mom, planning an activity for you to do together will still be special. It shows that you took the time to think about her and plan ahead so that you two could enjoy time together rather than just doing something out of habit.

Make Her Something Special

No matter how old you get, there’s something to be said for homemade gifts. Obviously, if you’re in your 20s a macaroni necklace probably won’t fly anymore, but you can still make your mom something from the heart. Think about your particular gifts and talents. Are you an artist? A writer? A singer? None of the above? If you can’t think of any particular talents you could utilize, just make her a personalized card. She’ll appreciate the extra effort it takes to write your own message instead of just signing a generic store-bought card. Plus, it’ll be something she can save forever.

Make A List of all the Things You Love and Appreciate About Her

This one sounds super cheesy, but most of us don’t do this enough. In elementary school it was a requirement, but chances are your mom hasn’t received anything like this since then. Take 15 or 20 minutes to jot down all of the things your mom does that you appreciate, and the traits that you love about her and why. Then compile them into a list and give them to her. She’ll be touched that you took the time to reflect on all that she does for you, as moms often don’t get the recognition they deserve on the day-to-day.

Written by Kara Cuzzone.