Healthy Relationships

How Good Friends Make Great Health

February 27, 2020

What makes a good friend? Most of us think we know one when we see one. But in case you’re unsure, here’s a quick take: Good friends support one another, see the best in one another, respect one another, and make time for one another. They have fun together, and tend to have interests in common.

And while social media is great for keeping in touch with friends, you want at least some friends who will do more than just “like” your funny photos; you want a friend or two who will be there for you, in person, when you need them most.

What’s more, good friends do more for us than drive us to the airport or help us move. Research suggests that people with strong social support have a reduced risk of health problems like depression, high blood pressure, and unhealthy body mass index (BMI). Studies have shown that strong friendships may even help us lead longer, happier lives.

How do you get and keep friends that keep you healthy? It all boils down to the Golden Rule.

Here are a few simple things you can do for a friend that you’d probably love to receive in return:

These are good ways to make and keep friends, but what about where to find them? Since good friends tend to share common interests, maybe the best way is just to get out there and do the things you love—or, if that’s not working for you, try something brand new. Either way, be open and be patient. Great friendships take time. But they’re worth it.