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August 11, 2019
A new path to healthful living is being blazed in Central Indiana, and it runs right through our backyard—specifically where Interstate 70 meets Mount Comfort Road. (You may know it as Olio Road, or 600W, depending where your travels through Hancock Health territory take you.) The new Gateway Hancock Health opens September 9 and will offer patient-centered services including an immediate care center and affordable labs and imaging.

Jenn Cox, Gateway’s director of operations, says the difference is putting patient concerns first. “We know patients are challenged and overwhelmed by the cost of health care,” she said. “Gateway is different because it is not under hospital-based insurance rates, and that allows us to be very cost-competitive.”

On average, Gateway’s prices for lab tests and imaging procedures (CTs, MRIs, X-rays, and ultrasounds) will be 70% lower than you would pay at a hospital. And 95% of these services are priced lower at Gateway than any other facility in the area. 

Gateway will be quicker than other labs, too. Both Gateway Labs and Gateway Imaging will offer results in 36 hours or less—delivered securely to you, via your HealthConnect portal, as well as to your doctor.

Dr. Meg Fitzsimmons, a family and primary care physician at Hancock Family Medicine in McCordsville, is Gateway’s medical director of immediate care. She’s seen patients struggle in recent years with both costs and convenience, so she’s excited that doctors—both within and outside of Hancock Health—will have Gateway as an option.

“Patients, especially those without insurance or with high-deductible health plans, can now take control of their healthcare dollars,” said Dr. Fitzsimmons. “I can send them down the street to get affordable labs and X-rays and have the results very quickly. It’s also a great location—central to the New Palestine, McCordsville, Greenfield, and Fortville. I don’t know of any other facilities like this in the Indianapolis area.”

Cox thinks patients will also love Gateway’s upfront pricing. “At Gateway, no matter who refers you, you can find out upfront how much it’s going to cost, and it’s going to be significantly less than getting it done at the hospital. Your results still go right back to your doctor—whether your have a Hancock Health doctor or one associated with another health system. The seamlessness of this process works no matter what.”

Fitzsimmons says patients and doctors will be pleased by Gateway’s approach. “Patients want to know their physician trusts where they’re sending them. Health care can be scary. If you trust your doctor, you trust where that doctor sends you. This facility is going to be great for patients and physicians, both inside and out of Hancock Health.”

Gateway Hancock Health opens September 9, at I-70 and Mount Comfort Road. For more info, and updates, visit

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