Physician Spotlight: Dr. Hirsch & Dr. Blachly

January 23, 2019
Two of our HPN Physicians received a kudos for their kindness, understanding, and knowledge! Here’s what Amber had to say about Dr. Blachly and Dr. Hirsch:

“Dr. Blachly has been caring for me for decades and then my children (and then husband) when they were born. She is such a sweet, empathetic, and intelligent physician. I always know she is thorough and has no problem referring us to other specialists when needed. She listens to my parental instinct very closely. Our children have had their share of “close calls” and scares but nothing compared to when our youngest son, Andrew, was sick for a good amount of time. He was diagnosed with leukemia one early Sunday morning at 2:00 am and she answered her phone and helped guide us through those moments that followed. She has been with us every step of the way by not only being our physician but by making everything easier with caring for our entire family. Her staff is equally amazing and supportive as well!

In June of 2017, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and I had major concerns about his family doctor managing him. We needed someone immediately to take over as my dad’s primary care. Dr. Blachly recommended Dr. Hirsch and my dad was brought immediately. Dr. Hirsch treated him with kindness and respect and was very knowledgeable and so very patient with him and my mother who needed a lot of information regarding my dad’s health/quality of life. My dad was physically active, coaching 6-10 year old soccer players, and loved playing with his 5 grandchildren. I know it was difficult to take my dad on as a patient in the middle of that life-changing diagnosis. He continued to treat my dad with his oncologist until his passing on March 15, 2018. He supported my parents and my family during a brief but so very important part of my dad’s life. One when we needed him most.”

-Amber Eyerman

Thanks for all that you do, Dr. Blachly and Dr. Hirsch, and representing what Hancock Health truly stands for!

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