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October 21, 2018
Be sure to take the time to wish our pharmacists and technicians a happy Pharmacy Week, October 21-27, 2018! Pharmacy Week acknowledges the invaluable contributions that pharmacists and technicians make to patient care in hospitals, ambulatory care clinics, and other healthcare settings. It’s an ideal time for pharmacists to acknowledge and celebrate their achievements in ensuring safe and effective medication use and to share those accomplishments with patients, other health professionals, and the community. Below you’ll find a little bit about each and every one of our talented pharmacy professionals!

Greg Briggs, Clinical Pharmacist:

Greg is a 2003 Purdue pharmacy graduate. Before pursuing a career in pharmacy, Greg was an engineering graduate, also from Purdue. During his first-degree studies, he was a walk-on with the Purdue football team. Thus, he is an avid fan of Purdue football, win or lose. In his free time, Greg enjoys biking and physical fitness.

Amy Baehl, Clinical Pharmacy Supervisor:

Amy is a Butler graduate. She enjoys audiobooks; mainly crime and historical fiction. She is a fan of cool, fast cars and enjoys retail therapy.

Wes Garmon, Clinical Pharmacist: 

Wes is a 2006 Butler graduate.  He and his wife met and Butler and celebrated their 10-year anniversary this year. He has 2 young boys (2 & 4). He enjoys spending time with them and is looking forward to taking them to Disney World in October this year.

Chuck Goff, Oncology Manager:

Chuck is a proud 1984 Butler graduate. He has been married for 27 years and has 2 grown sons. Chuck is an avid Butler basketball fan, loves spending time with family, and likes to go antiquing.

Jeff Hummel, Night Staff Pharmacist:

Jeff has been married 20 years and has 2 children.  He loves spending time with his family, pizza and video games.  Jeff is also the department’s resident recycler!

Julie Lacy, Pharmacy Supervisor:

Julie has been married for 26 years and has two sons (21 & 18).  She is a proud University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy grad and an 18-year breast cancer survivor!  She still hasn’t called in the bet with her husband for ballroom dancing lessons, but hopes to make that a reality soon!

Tim Livesay, Pharmacy Director:

Tim has been married 35 years and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. He enjoys golfing, coaching middle school girls basketball at Pendleton and Corvettes. Additionally, Tim is a black in Tae Kwon Do.

Jeanette Meyer, Day Staff Pharmacist:

Jeanette is a Purdue graduate and has been married 35 years. She has 3 grown children. She is a flute player with a flute choir and Indianapolis Symphonic Band. Additional hobbies include canning and freezing.

Greg Myers, Day Staff Pharmacist:

Greg has been married for 10 years and has 2 young boys. He especially enjoys popcorn, Doritos, and coffee. In his spare time, he enjoys video games, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and walks in the park with his family.

Dee Ann Nicholson, Clinical Application Support Analyst/Pharmacist:

Dee Ann is a proud Purdue graduate. She has 2 children that are also attending Purdue; her daughter will be a 2019 pharmacy graduate and her son is pursuing math education. Dee Ann is a certified scuba diver and is a Rick Springfield superfan, having attended more than 30 of his concerts. She also just recently adopted a cat from the Hancock Human Society named Laurel.

Tim Plummer, Night Staff Pharmacist:

Tim has collected circa 1860-1905 “label under glass” bulk apothecary bottles for 4 decades and scoured far east markets for authentic contents.  LUGs were made by painting the names onto thin ceramic wafers which were attached to the bottle using beeswax and then covered by a thin glass.  These stock bottles with Latin names of herbal ingredients were used to compound prescriptions like this tuberculosis remedy:

Rx Ammon. Carb  gr.v

Vin.picis                M xv 

Syr.acaciae           M xx   

Aq. Anisi ad          dr xij

Take one tsp q3hr in dyspnea of phthisis.

Beth Rominger, Day Staff Pharmacist:

Beth has been married for 30 years. She and her husband will officially be empty nesters this year as her youngest graduates in May. They both look forward to doing more traveling. She enjoys binging Netflix, attending her Book Club, and trying new restaurants with her group of friends.

Brad Steinbach, AMG Pharmacy Manager:

Brad is a graduate of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy. He and his wife have been married for two years. They enjoy hiking, traveling the globe and spending time with their two rescued huskies, Maggie and Otto!

Mary Stiff, Medical Staff Pharmacist Liaison:

Mary enjoys her work within the Medical staff to help create physician order sets and protocols with enhanced content to streamline care between cross-functional groups. They are continuing to build easier access to protocols within Meditech for daily point-of-care adjustments. It has also been rewarding to work with multiple disciplines within the hospital to help create evidence-based content for improving patient care and safety.

Kelsey Ferguson, Split Shift Technician:

Kelsey is a mom to a rescued Boston Terrier; Sir Paxton Manning. She enjoys horror/comedy movies, attending Colts and IU games, shopping, spending time with family, and interior decorating.

Jennifer Hawley, Associate Pharmacy Technician:

Jennifer has been married for 7 years to Kyle, whom she met online. She enjoys glamping every weekend, crafts, and spending time with her husband, nieces, nephews, and parents. She will also be attending the 2019 mission trip to the Dominican Republic with other hospital associates.

Tim Hoskins, Oncology Technician:

Tim Hoskins has been married 31 years and has 4 children and 10 grandchildren. He hopes to retire soon if his wife lets him! In his spare time, Tim repairs antique clocks and has quite a backlog of work.

Sara Hudson, Pharmacy Intern, PRN Technician:

Sarah is a pharmacy student at Butler University and has been a Greenfield resident her whole life. When she’s not studying, she enjoys spending time with her friends or going to the gym or on a run, going to restaurants and exploring Broad Ripple and Indianapolis. She also participates in extracurricular activities with volunteer groups on campus, her professional pharmacy fraternity, and her social sorority.

Shawna Hunt, PRN Technician:

Shawna has been married 25 years and has 3 children.  She enjoys going to her children’s activities, hanging out with friends, and watching her favorite tv show “This is Us”.  Shawna’s brother-in-law is Ty Hunt from Nutritional Services!

Christopher James, Day Shift Technician:

Chris has been married for 8 years and has 2 young kids. He enjoys graphic arts, basketball, and is obsessed with shoes. He currently owns 105 different pairs of sneakers.

Shannon Kuhn, Night Shift Technician:

Shannon has two young daughters that were born on the same day two years apart. She was formerly in the National Guard and is also a graduate of surgical technology.

Joshua Lopez, Night Shift Technician:

Josh is a graduate of Ball State with a degree in Finance. He is a fan of nature and hiking. He enjoys playing board games with friends. Josh is also a huge fan of Star Wars… Star Trek is alright too.

Kim Rogers, Day Shift Technician:

Kim just recently remarried and has two grown kids. She enjoys motorcycles and hot rods. She has been a technician here at Hancock for 20 years.

Jan Six, Day Shift Technician:

Jan has been married 43 years and is a mom of 2 and a grandmother of 4. She has been a technician here at Hancock for 20 years. She has two dogs and likes reading books and working jigsaw puzzles in her spare time.

Karen Turpen, Associate Pharmacy Technician:

Karen has lived within 10 miles of where she was born her entire life.  Karen was also ping-pong champion at Shenandoah High School in 8th grade.

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