Oliver’s Travels: April 5, 2018

April 9, 2018

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dear Journal,

Today Juan and I decided to give the OB/GYN office a surprise visit! No one wanted to take a photo with me besides Rachel, but that’s OK. They all seemed really happy to see me!We then made our way over to the hospital for our normal visits. Carol told us that this month is Occupational Therapy Month, so we started out our visit going to see them!

One of the therapists said that next time that I come to visit we should block out an hour of my time to hang and play fetch with me. I like her. She gets me. We then made our way back upstairs to Reflections. As soon as I walked in, everyone’s eyes lit up and was SO excited to see me! One of the nurses wouldn’t leave my side the entire time I was in there. Some of the patients recognized me, and that made me so happy! I always have such a fun time in the Reflections area. They like to tell me that I remind them of their own dogs. I can’t wait to go back and see my friends.

Next, we went to the AMG Department, and someone else knew who I was! She said that she knew me from the nursing home that I work at. I love seeing familiar faces. I wasn’t expected to see so many people that I already knew!

I LOVE this place.

I also kept convincing Juan to give me lots of treats since I was being so good. Our time at the hospital was coming to an end, but we ALWAYS have to stop by the information desk and see the volunteers. If I don’t they get very upset. I mean, who wouldn’t be upset when they don’t get to see me?

The volunteers are the nicest people! They like to help me find my way around the hospital when I get lost and to feed me treats that Juan give them.

I found out from them that my “treats” are actually only my dog food. To be honest, I was a little disappointed in Juan. I trusted him!!! I guess dog food is better than no treats, right?
Overall it was a great day, and I met lots of new people. Keep up with my adventures and see what I’m up to around the hospital! Hopefully I’ll get to meet even more people next time that I visit. I sure hope so.


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