Oliver’s Travels: April 20, 2018

April 23, 2018

Friday, April 20, 2018

Dear Journal,

Juan told me that this week was National Healthcare Volunteer Week, so we had to make this visit EXTRA special for them! I handed out M&Ms to all of the volunteers that we ran into while visiting patients. I like they really liked them!

I tried handing the M&Ms to the volunteers, but Juan ended up having to do most of them.

You know, since I don’t have thumbs.

I also felt like a walking billboard because the Marketing lady made me wear signs on my vest… At least it’s not as uncomfortable as the bunny ears were! But still really humiliating.  I had A LOT of requests today of who to visit. I love when people ask to see me!

We started our normal routine going up to Reflections and saying hi to my friends. As always, they were thrilled to see me! One person said that I made his day. I think he actually made mine.

Down the hall, we went to Andis to see if there were any new babies! There weren’t any newborns when we checked… I was so upset! I love babies.

In the AMG unit, we had lots of people calling me by name. I’m pretty famous around there. The staff gets excited when I walk in and gives me lots of love. One of the nurses was telling Juan how amazing I was and that she loved me coming to visit. I heard that the nurses all look forward to me coming in!!!

After our normal route, we made our way down to Lab Services for a surprise visit! Dr. Patel was the most excited. He wanted me to stay and hang out with him in his office. I would’ve, but Juan said that I couldn’t. He’s no fun!

Ok… he is sometimes. Just not in this example.

We also made a surprise visit to Hancock Internal Medicine upstairs! Julie screamed with excitement when I walked in! I got lots of treats from and love from her. I like Julie a lot. We also were able to visit with HPN in the basement. As soon as everyone realized I was there, I was swarmed by Associates!

I could get used to this.I was getting pretty sleepy after seeing so many people, but we still had to go visit with the Surgery Center! People kept telling me that they knew me from Facebook. I’m not sure exactly how Facebook works, but I think that’s a big deal! Dr. Lo from Hancock OB/GYN even knew who I was.Overall it was a great day, and I met lots of new people. Keep up with my adventures and see what I’m up to around the hospital! Hopefully, I’ll get to meet even more people next time that I visit. I sure hope so. Check out my GoPro video below that I also made!



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