Lindsay’s Hancock Story

February 18, 2018
Dear Mr. Long (Steve Long, CEO of Hancock Health)

My name is Lindsay Stevens. In total, I have been here for 14 years. I would like to tell you my Hancock story.

In early April, I found a mass in my abdomen.  After a few weeks of ultrasounds, and CT scans, it was determined to be malignant in nature, and it was wrapped around my right kidney ureter.  I saw Dr. Lozano originally about the removal of my tumor. He was concerned about the extensiveness of the surgery and wanted two surgeons and a urologist in the procedure. Tammy Strunk, Laura Bossingham, and Leah Sturgill immediately jumped up to help me get my FMLA papers through HR, and cover the shifts I was going to miss. Many of the nurses were willing to fill in my spots on short notice.

After doing research, and getting a second opinion, (as all informed people do), I chose to go somewhere else for my surgery. They had a doctor there that specialized in tumor removal and repair. They also had other options such as cell saver, which we do not have here. Dr. Lozano was ok with my decision.  Without going into alot of detail, my treatment and subsequent stay at this other healthcare facility was just not a good experience.

Eight days after I was discharged, I had to come to Hancock Emergency Room. I was severely septic. The ED doctor had contacted my previous doctor at another hospital and they wanted me readmitted there. I begged not to go back. The ED doc called them, and even though he had not done my surgery and it is risky to take on another surgeon’s recent surgery patient, he came in and took care of me. Dr. Hittle admitted me here at Hancock.

The change in my patient experience was monumental, I don’t know if it’s because these were my people, but I like to think the nurses and doctors here treated me the same as we treat all our patients. The Doctors sat down with me and listened and assessed me. The nurses and techs were in my room hourly and when I needed something, they went out of their way to get it for me. The staff at Hancock regional (many of whom I did not even know) consistently donated ETO to me and I was able to pay all of my bills for the three months I was off work.  The ER nurses started providing food for my family a week prior to me even having my first surgery.  When my sister set up a Go Fund Me account in my name, nearly all those that donated were from HRH, even though these are the same people who already gave me all their ETO.  The nurses came and visited me regularly in the hospital and at home. Linda Kendall, my mentor, and friend, spent every night she did not work with me at the hospital to make sure I was getting adequate and good care.

Hancock Regional Hospital is amazing. The people here really band together to get one of us through our hard times. Our patient care is exceptional. There is no competition that can beat our family-oriented care we give here.  You are the CEO of a very loving family.  I would not ever want to work anywhere else, nor would I ever go anywhere else if I needed a hospital stay again.  I would especially like to recognize Linda Kendall who has supported so many who have gone through a similar crisis.  She once heard an employee in nutrition saying they had an upcoming leave of absence and did not know how they were going to pay their bill.  She donated a lot of ETO to help this stranger, who was part of her Hancock family. Adam Wilhelm and Laura Bossingham came to check on me every day I was here and worked with FMLA and schedule. Dr. Hittle and Dr. Lozano took me on when they did not have to and helped me get better. I was a patient at HRH for a total of 16 days in a 2-stay period.  I am not only proud to work here now, but I can honestly tell people we give the best care.

Thank you for listening to my story. I hope I have helped re-verify that we care about others with not only great acts of kindness but with amazing acts of kindness one person at a time.

Thank You,

Lindsay Stevens.

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