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October 19, 2017
The Hancock Regional Boutique is located in the Sue Ann Wortman Cancer Center at Hancock Regional Hospital, and they are a health and specialty shop. Women who have or are fighting cancer can go there to feel healthy and beautiful during or after radiation treatment. The boutique offers many services, but one that they are especially proud of is their line of skin care products.

The skin care products are used mostly for Radiology patients, as they are all natural ingredients. Bass Farms and Ambre Blends are the two skincare products that the boutique offers because they both offer relief with cancer treatment symptoms, as well as scented products for everyone to use.

Bass Farms is a local retailer in Shelbyville, IN where each product is made with goat milk. Goat milk is often times used to naturally moisturize the skin, soothe skin irritation and help to maintain a balanced pH for skin and hair. Bass Farms offers skin care products such as: hydrating creams, lotions, body wash, wellness oils, face wash, shampoo, soaps and many more!

Below is a testimonial of Bass Farms from a breast cancer survivor from their website about their Triple B Hydrating Cream made for those who are going through radiation treatment, eczema, dry skin, and much more:

“I have been fighting metastatic breast cancer for 2 years now. One of my side effects has been very dry hands and cracking of the skin around my fingers and fingernails, which could become very irritating and painful. I bought every cream under the sun, spending a lot of money with no relief, until my mother in law purchased your Triple “B” cream from a store in Indianapolis and gave it to me. It has cured all of the cracking and continues to keep my skin from becoming so dry and cracking! This cream is absolutely amazing and has been wonderful!!!!! I showed it to my oncologist so she could share this information with other patients that might be having the same problem. Thank you for making such a great and helpful product.” -Julie Evansville, IN

Ambre Blends is also a skin care product that is made with natural ingredients that was started in Zionsville, IN. They create high quality and organic oils with vegan ingredients, and the boutique is the only place in Hancock County where they keep all items stocked in ALL of the Ambre Blends scents. The Ambre Natural Deodorant is the most popular choice among Radiology patients who want an all-natural deodorant. The products that Ambre Blends carry include: essential oils, body cream, deodorants, soap and much more!

If you would like more information about the skin care products that the Hancock Regional Boutique offers, please visit or call Charisa, the Boutique Specialist, at 317-325-2610.


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