Finding the Right Fit

August 7, 2017
The Hancock Regional Boutique is a health and specialty shop where women who have or are fighting cancer can go to feel healthy and beautiful. Coping with the body changes a patient may experience when fighting cancer can be difficult. Often, the prospect of wearing a wig, finding a bra, or using prosthetics can leave a person feeling overwhelmed.

Many people are not aware of the amazing services that the boutique offers, such as personalized and private fittings for bras and breast forms. The boutique has a certified Mastectomy Fitter in the store that will personally help you with your journey of finding a bra that makes you feel fantastic. You are able to get private bra fitting in the side room, and the satisfaction of knowing that it will be made to fit you exactly how you want it. The Hancock Regional Boutique will also be able to bill mastectomy bras and prostheses to your insurance at no extra cost.

Charisa Stanley, who is the Certified Mastectomy Fitter/Boutique Specialist at the Hancock Regional Boutique, has been working here for 8 years now. She believes that the boutique is truly a service to the community, especially since Hancock Regional Hospital may be the closest and most convenient place where women in the area can get Mastectomy bras.

Bras at the boutique are also not only made for women who have had a Mastectomy, anyone is able to come and get a bra fitting at no charge! The bras range in price from $40-$60, depending on what style you would like to get.

To schedule a bra fitting appointment, call Charisa at 317-325-2610 to find a time that works for you!

For more information about bra fittings or the Hancock Regional Boutique, visit here.

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