First Step Back

June 19, 2017
Conveniently located in Greenfield, Indiana, Hancock Counseling and Psychiatric Services delivers compassionate, professional care to patients in Central Indiana.  For more than twenty years, patients have sought and received high-quality psychiatric and counseling care from the highly-skilled team at Hancock Physician Network.

“We are committed to supporting our patients with the best care and support for their individual needs,” said Vicki Swinney, Certified Medical Office Manager of Hancock Counseling and Psychiatric Services.  “Our therapists and doctors work as a team.  They know and understand the needs of our patients to ensure each patient receives the best care, support and treatment.”

With a growing team of four therapists and four doctors, patients are supported with counseling and clinical treatment plans.  Each patient initially meets with a Behavioral Health Technician. The technician works with both patients and providers to determine the best initial treatment plans for each patient’s needs.

“Many times, our patients experience a sense of being overwhelmed,” says Swinney. “They often feel things like, ‘I can’t do this by myself’ or ‘I can’t handle this anymore’ or ‘I don’t feel like myself’.  It is in those times – and as they experience many other feelings – that we are a place for patients to turn for help. We understand, we want to help, and we care about supporting every patient.”

Through the team at Hancock Counseling and Psychiatric Services, #HancockPhysicians provides care for all ages.  From pre-school age children, to youth and teens, and to the needs of adults and the elderly, #HancockHealth treats a variety of patients.  Specific treatment plans can include the following conditions:

Individuals or families seeking treatment may personally call or self-refer to the team of #HancockDocs.  Or, individuals may be referred by another physician.

Hours of operation are:

Monday – Thursday:  8am – 5 pm

Friday:  8am – 4 pm

Take your #FirstStepBack and learn more about the Hancock Counseling and Psychiatric Services visit our website at, contact the center at:

(317) 468-6200

120 W. McKenzie Rd., Suite F, Greenfield, IN 46140-1072

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